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For the discouraged seller

If you are selling your home in Carver County chances are you are getting a bit discouraged at the moment.  While it is true that traditionally it is best to list your home between the months of March and June, this year we experienced an early spring market which officially started back in February and with an early spring means an early summer.  The market peaked back in April with inventory hitting a yearly low of only three months with it climbing back up to approximately five months here in late May.  What does this mean exactly?  Well, basically it...
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αντίο Santorini

Last week after I dropped my kids off at school I noticed the once well known Santorini Restaurant in Eden Prairie was being demolished.  Many are now speculating what is going to be taking over the prime real estate corner.  I have heard rumors of Krispy Kreme trying to make a comeback to the area, another restaurant, and even a ferris wheel (not sure where that one came from but my kids would love it).  From the conversations going on in and around the EP city hall it sounds like an addition to the SW Station is the most plausible....
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Become an Expert on New Homes Hitting the Market

Knowledge is power and early knowledge can offer you a powerful advantage, especially in tight real estate markets. Those who find properties first gain an edge by being the first have a chance to see new properties and thus the first to make offers. More often than not, this first to market knowledge pays off. This post will review how you can leverage the property search on this website to quickly access the newest properties on the market and how to setup email alerts when new properties match your criteria. It’s important to first point out that this website offers...
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How to Track Your Home’s Value

Buying a home is generally the single largest purchase that we make in our lifetimes and most of us are interested in not only the value of our properties, but also the general value of like properties in our neighborhoods. Whether you have just moved into a new home or have lived there for years, tracking the market value of your property is essential for any informed homeowner. This website’s property search provides an excellent platform to track property values and market trends in your area.  In this post, you will learn strategies for tracking the value of your home...
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